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All members of the New Brunswick Massotherapy Association-Association de massothérapie du Nouveau-Brunswick must be registered as members in good standing of the regulatory College of Massage Therapy of New Brunswick (CMTNB).

A candidate for registration must meet specific standards. These standards are called the Inter-Jurisdictional Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators for Massage Therapists at Entry-to-Practice. These standards are continually evaluated and updated. Here is the most recent version.

For more information on the skills, competencies and knowledge also visit and

While the CMTNB is becoming fully functional the NBMA-AMNB will continue to post information to assist those interested in becoming Registered Massage Therapists. 

The CMTNB requires that all applicants be graduates of a course that offers complete training in accordance with the Competency Standards. 

Please note that some schools offer a choice of courses ranging from simple or introductory levels to full Competency Standards. It is your responsibility to ensure that the courses you complete fully comply with the Competency Standards.  

How do I choose a School of Massage Therapy?

For a Professional, the important criteria in choosing a school is the quality and thoroughness of training. The best way to measure how well a school is training and educating it students is to ask for the Pass Fail rate for the Regulatory College exams. 

How many graduates of the school have taken exams to be admitted to a Regulatory College? How many of that group passed on their first attempts?

Many schools, especially in those jurisdictions in Canada that are not yet regulated, do not have Pass Fail rates because too few of their graduates have attempted the Regulatory College exams. 

A Council of Accreditation will begin to inspect and accredit schools within two years, that is, likely by the end of 2016. Accredited Schools are expected to advertise the official recognition. This will make it easier to select a school that will provide quality and thoroughness of training.

Which school of MT most thoroughly prepares candidates?  It's too early to know. In Ontario, MT schools have been tracking their Pass Fail rate for many years.  

Following successful performance on the CMTNB entry exams use the forms below to join the NBMA-AMNB.

Admission Form


What is the difference between New Brunswick Massage Therapy Association (NBMA-AMNB) and the College of Massage Therapy of New Brunswick (CMTNB) ?

NBMA-AMNB offers its members essential services which are not in the mandate of the CMTNB.

Since 1988, NBMA-AMNB, the first massage therapy association, has been the leader in Massage Therapy in New Brunswick, a precursor of excellence in therapeutic massage and the leader in establishing the legislation for New Brunswick Massage Therapists. Both the public and the therapists now benefit from the official recognition of massage therapy as a health profession.

NBMA-AMNB was a founding member of the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance and has acted at the National level for the interests of Massage Therapists including as the lead intervener in the significant Axa Case in 2004; moreover, NBMA-AMNB was the recipient of the provincial Lt. Governor's Dialogue Award in 2013.

Since its beginning, NBMA-AMNB has been recognized for its integrity, devotion and support for the profession. Every year NBMA-AMNB is a proud contributor to Massage Therapy Awareness Week.

As a member, you have access to our Permanent Education Program focusing on members’ needs.

You qualify to join the best Benefits Program for MTs in Atlantic Canada. You have opportunities to expand your leadership skills and self-confidence in various committees with open leadership and very efficient communications and networking. You can also benefit from mentorship by expert-therapists in launching your own clinic or joining an already established innovative team.

NBMA-AMNB members take care of each other to enhance CARE for our patients.

Take the Next StepTake the Next Step

Option One -> Grants $345

A. Join now as a Student Member $45.00

B. Forward to us your CMTNB Exam acceptance and qualify for Membership grants totalling $345: $195 Grant for the full first year membership and  $150 Grant towards the second consecutive year of membership.  (Note: Grants are non-transferable, and non-refundable.)

C. Forward to us your CMTNB Exam Acceptance e-mails, your CMTNB number and the premium for $5M professional liability insurance coverage (prorated by the month, maximum per year $100) and you're an ACTIVE Member of the NBMA-AMNB.


 Option Two -> Grants $295 - if you skipped joining as a Student Member

A. Apply for membership after you receive your CMTNB acceptances and CMTNB number.  Receive Membership Grants totalling $295: $195 Grant for the full first year membership and $100 Grant towards the second consecutive year of membership. (Note: Grants are non-transferable, and non-refundable.) 

Regular ACTIVE Member Annual fee $195, Annual premium for $5M professional liability insurance $100 

The NBMA-AMNB is member focused.

Step forward now and put your future in safe hands.


For further information contact

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* Welcome to new graduates in massage therapy! A $ 100 credit for your first registration in NBMA.

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